Why Shah had to be changed?

This video uncovers the reason, why British, US, and French politicians, supported directly and indirectly or clearly and hidden, an Islamic Revolution to happen in Iran, 39 years ago. A revolution to destroy the whole improving system, in there; and to bring a pure destruction to the society and the country. 

Yes, Cheaper Oil 😦
(This video is an interview, with the king of Iran, over 40 years ago).
We love you, our father, our King ♡

David and Divine Seems Similar?

“It will be no accident that David and Divine look to have the same root. We are talking about a time in history when the Indo-Europeans had rampaged all around effecting everyone from Ireland to India. One of the marks they made everywhere was in language—they originally spoke Sanskrit, and this is the root language of many of the languages of this area until today. Divine comes from the Sanskrit “daiva”, in Persian “daeva” or “deva”, originally meaning a shining one and therefore a god. Zoroaster made the “devas” into “devils” in the interests of monotheism, raising Ormuzd to the position of the Almighty God. The Hindus have “devatas” which also are gods or lesser gods—spirits and “divyas” which are supernatural powers. “Deva” is related to the Sanskrit word “dyaus” which the Greeks propnounced as “zeus” and the Italians as “deus” or Jupiter because “Dyaus Pitar” was the Sanskrit “God the Father”. No doubt our scholarly friends will tell us that the Hebrews were not Aryans but Semites, speaking quite a different language. Of course, the Semitic languages are different from the Indo-European group but many words were exchanged between the two groups at this time, especially in the ancient near east where the two sets of peoples had come into contact and rivalry. The similarity between David and divine is reflected elsewhere in Hebrew. “Davak” means “devoted to God” and, in the related Semitic language, Arabic, “Du’a” or “da’wa” is to pray. Indeed, in Yiddish, “davven” is also to pray.”
Reference: Persia and Creation of Judaism, p 102

An example of Aryan Brotherhood

Courtesy of Shahin Nejad,
“44. At that time the magister Hermogenes returned from Persia, after he had presented the gifts, and reported the reply from Koads the Persian Emperor to Justinian the Roman Emperor. 
He brought a letter that read as follows
‘Koads Emperor of Emperors, of the rising sun to Flavius Justinian Ceasar, of the setting moon. We have found it written in our ancient records that we are brothers of one another, and that if one of us should stand in need of men or money, the other should provide them.’” (The Cheronicle of John Malalas)

About the Photos:
Photo 1: “Coin of the Byzantine emperor Justin I”
Photo 2: Coin of the Sassanian emperor Kavad I
The Cheronicle of John Malalas. Book 18. Page 263. 
A Translation. Melbourne. 1986.

– Read it online at:

Photo Credit: Public Domain

“Coin of the Byzantine emperor Justin I”
Coin of the Sassanian emperor Kavad I

What Does The Quran Promote? : On the Event of "Wake Up Finland 2"

What Does The Quran Promote?

On the Event of “Wake Up Finland 2”!

Good Evening everyone. I am glad to see Kansallismielisten liittouma and Iranian Renaissance Movement could organize another educational seminar in less than a year in Finland.

I would like to dedicate my part to those youth Iranians, that after some 1400 years of oppression, they are struggling to free their country from a disease in human society called Islam.

The topic of my speech is:

Islam & Anti-Corporate Social Responsibility : What the Quran promotes?

The speech which I am giving now, is extracted from my 4th book, which is not published and is under process. The next 40 claims that I am going through them are understood from Quran itself. Therefore if one needs references for any of these points, I will be able to refer to the exact Quranic Verses.


What does The Quran promote?

  • Cruelty to animals, Brutal way of slaughtering for Halal meat production, Animal Sacrifice in Qurban eid
  • The end justifies the means
  • Not being honest with non-Muslims and lying to them
  • Taking intensive control of human’s private life
  • Strongly opposes the individuality
  • Believing Blindly, avoiding seeking wisdom
  • Once converted to Islam, there is no way back
  • Rejecting the equal rights for genders in favor of the males
  • Men are superior to women, insisting Hijab for females
  • Pedophilia, Polygamy
  • Putting serious efforts to achieve political power to turn the government into an Islamic.
  • Totalitarian kind of government.
  • Disturbing personal space of others, by “Enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong” according to Islam.
  • Holding low level of tolerance when it comes to the Cultural diversity.
  • Whoever is not a Muslim is categorize as Kafir.
  • Lack of willingness to integrate in a Kafir society.
  • Opposing Meritocracy in the non-Islamic matters.
  • Breaking the social rules and playing villain in a non-Muslim society.
  • Disagreement with non-Muslims.
  • Lack of social responsibility for advancing and developing the country.
  • Counting a Muslim superior to a non-Muslim.
  • Fighting with all other religions.
  • Giving no value to non-Muslims. Counting them as nothing.
  • Cursing and accusing non-Muslims, and using disrespectful adjectives for them.
  • Violence and cruelty against non-Muslims as part of their religious duty.
  • Bullying tendencies.
  • If society does not accept Islam, it is oppressive, unjust and a tyranny.
  • Terrorism.
  • Mosques must encourage Jihad and fighting for Islam.
  • Non-stop battle to make the whole world an Islamic one.
  • Total war against non-Muslims.
  • Making Muslims united for destroying Kafirs. Tools for this are:

Believe in Allah, Joining Friday praying, Donating for Islam, Giving interest-free loan to Muslims for Islam, Paying religious obligation in order to spread Islam, and Promising virgins and so on in the other world.

  • Planning for battles and Jihad to plunder non-Muslims.
  • Raping and killing the Kafirs with happiness and inner peace.
  • Taking non-Muslims male into labor slavery.
  • Capturing non-Muslim female into sex slavery.
  • Encouraging and vindicating sadistic behavior against non-Muslims.
  • Beating, lashing, torturing, and stoning others.
  • Threaten and Terror who criticisms Islam.
  • Denying freedom for other religions in the society.

Arvin Adriyan

Wake Up Finland 2, Helsinki


“Charlie Weimers: We must join our hearts with the brave people of Iran”

“Charlie Andreas Weimers is Swedish politician and member of the European Parliament addressed to Federica Mogherini, this is a regime that cares more about terrorists than people, a regime that has been shelling its people, and for decades has suppressed them. We must join our hearts with the brave people of Iran, who boldly shouted “We do not want the Islamic Republic, we do not want.” (quotes a recent sentence in Persian)”

Reference to the text:

Charlie Weimers: We must join our hearts with the brave people of Iran

On Iran Protests

Abolfazl Bahrampour an expert in Quran and Islam, on the TV of Islamic Republic inside Iran has suggested:

“The recent protesters in Iran are the Enemy of Allah and the Islamic State.

Therefore, according to the Quranic verses, they should not only be killed. But they must go through a severe pain, by:

– Cutting their fingers and toes and leave them in the society
– Hanging them in the public
– Sending them to exile in a difficult living place

By doing so, you will give a lesson to the future’s potential protesters.”


Pay the Price to Get the Corpse of Your Beloved One!

Islamic Regime, that has occupied Iran; after murdering unarmed protesters asks a amount equal to (3000 – 10000 $) for giving the dead body to her/ his relatives.

Yes, Ayatollah Khamenei does very similar to what the prophet of Islam did; 1400 years ago.

So, protect your motherland, before Islam get strong in there.



Photo Credit:

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